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Thomas Terrell

Phone 0449 896 722
Direct Number 0249692886

Dr. Thomas Terrell
Total Balance Chiropractic
2 / 58 Lindsay Street

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Thomas Terrell

Total Balance Chiropractic
Chapter: BNI Summit

Healthcare, Chiropractor

My BusinessHi I'm Dr Thomas Terrell from Total Balance Chiropractic located in Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW Did you know the poor posture is the leading cause of spinal degeneration where your spine wears out faster than it should and there is an early onset of arthritis? Poor posture also cause pain as well as making you look our of shape and low on confidence! The good news is good posture is achievable for everyone no matter how old you are and it can be achieved without exercise. Using a specialized technique I stimulate the cerebellum which is the part of the brain which controls posture and it teaches your body how to hold itse;f in the optimal position, to stop your spine from wearing out, getting rid of pain caused by postural distortions and giving you a new lease on life! Location : 2/58 Lindsay St, Hamilton